Need a Designer?

If you live in the Calgary area and are looking for a designer, I have numerous former students who are looking to establish themselves in the industry.

These students have been through three levels of landscape design at the Calgary Zoo. Some have also been through the Master Gardener program and/or the DynaSCAPE (landscape design software) training program. They have varying degrees of experience – some are just starting out and some have a few designs under their belts already.

With a superior work ethic, a commitment to finding solid design solutions and the ability to think outside the box, please consider giving one of these ‘fledgling’ designers an opportunity to work with you this season.  They all have access to me as a mentor and/or consultant on any project they take on.

If you would like to have someone contact you for a consultation or Landscape Design please reply on this page by filling in the comment section below – provide a few details about what you’re looking for so I can forward your email address to the designer that’s the best fit for you. (Your email address will not be visible on this page.)


26 comments on “Need a Designer?

  1. Linda Fitzpatrick says:

    I would love someone to come in and help us design our old garden to give it new life. We live in Edgemont (the bottom part, different weather than the top), and so the house is at least 30 years old and so is the garden.

  2. Barbara Brown says:

    I just perused “the Calgary Garden Coach” blog and saw the photos of a design you had done here in Calgary a few years ago….a very beautiful, low maintenance lush texture front garden. This is exactly what I’m after for my front yard and thus my search led me to you! I would love to hear from one of your students to assist me in plant selection and placement. Thankyou!

  3. Cathy says:

    I am wanting to revitalize a 25 year old yard. Have recently redone the hard-scape now I am looking for a designer that has a “minimalist” sensibility with a focus on shape and mass plantings to finish off the garden areas. I share my yard with very hungry deer! Do you have a designer in mind that might be able to help. Thx
    PS Love your blog

  4. Doug says:

    I just had some landscaping done on my back and front yard and now looking for ideas to finish it off (eg. appropriate trees, shrubs etc); would love some ideas; thanks.

  5. Hong says:

    I need to design my fence border by bushes or flowers

  6. Jessica says:

    We have a 1950’s bungalow in Cambrian Heights that is basically a blank canvas in terms of landscaping. We are looking for help with the overall vision front and back.

    Thank you,

  7. Megan marshall says:

    Hi Sue
    I live in rural Australia and was wondering if you or any of your students do overseas online consultations? I am ok with plant choices etc – just needing assistance with designing space as my garden is going from 1/4 acre to about 4 acres. I like simple large curving or straight lines with mass plantings of the one plant.


    • Hi Megan,

      Thanks for reading and for checking out the designer page. Long distance consultation is something I have done periodically but I wouldn’t be comfortable doing so for an acreage – large spaces and rural properties are complex and it’s really best for the designer to do a site visit before offering recommendations. There are many talented designers in Australia – here is a link that may help you find one closer to home:

      Best of luck and thanks again for reading,

  8. tracy says:

    hi sue!
    we just re-did our fence and now i’m looking at the rest of yard with different eyes!!
    i have a list of things i would like to see in our yard and need help as to what it should look like/where things should be planned.
    i would love someone to guide us before i start, so we just do it once. i’d be sad to hear a better idea after i’m done!
    thanks, tracy

  9. Rachel says:

    Hi Sue, not sure if you’re still watching this page, but I need some help to completely rehaul my front and back gardens. Basic help with what to pull/leave, how to prep & analyse soil, and what to plant where would be hugely helpful. I’m expecting this to be a project for several years, but would like to start in the right direction. Thanks!

  10. Kathleen Howell says:

    I’m not sure if you still have students interested in design work. If you do, we have a front yard that I need help with. I’d ideally like a modern/Japanese feel.

  11. Vivian says:

    Hi Sue, i am a newcomer to your gardening blog and am enjoying it very much. I recently purchased a home in Ramsay. The garden is old and tired. I need help to design some life back into it. I hope one of your students can help me!

  12. Marcia Love says:

    Hi, I’m looking for help with design of a front and back yard. I would be very interested in a design by a student. I live in Sundance. I would be looking for a low maintenance design and to incorporate a vegetable garden. Thanks!!


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