How Design Savvy Are You?


Good morning class. Today I have surprise for you – a quiz! That’s right, a quiz.

No wait, don’t go – it’ll be fun! Don’t you want to test your design savvy? No one but you will ever know if you had to cheat by going back through previous posts, or checking out last month’s review (that should’ve been a clue that a quiz was coming). And no one but you will ever know how well you did or didn’t do, or how many times you had to rewrite to say you got a perfect score. So be a sport, take this little quiz. You know you wanna.

9 comments on “How Design Savvy Are You?

  1. I scored 70% and it got me thinking too! :0)

  2. LOL, well, I didn’t study at all, and I’m at 50%. I wish I had more time in my day, I could read up more 🙂
    That was fun, thank you, and funny! I got into gardening because the plants around me demanded I DO something. I think my first flower “love” was a painted daisy, volunteering at a house I was renting. I always had an aversion to green things, I preferred furry things. Moving to the country changed all that…
    But my “style” at the start was basically all the wrong answers I saw up there. “Buy plants, put them where YOU want them to go”, doesn’t work.
    Ever 🙂

    • 50% isn’t too bad for someone who didn’t study – mostly it was meant to be fun though, so I’m happy to hear it was indeed that for you! And you’re right planting things haphazardly will look…….well, haphazard. Always best to have a plan.
      And I like furry things too – Princess Pepper says Hi.

  3. D Peterson says:

    That was fun. I scored 90.
    I complain about weather too.


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